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16 Nov, 2013
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    We are excited to invite you to the first, in our opinion, totally dedicated to taxation, website. We will put the best effort to make taxzoom.com interesting, meaningful and to enhance it and update on the daily basis.


What can you expect from being a member on Taxzoom.com?


1. You will be able to read, comment, ask questions on the various tax related articles

2. You will be able to use certain gadgets on your dashboard that would help you to be better organize for your income tax and other tax tasks.

3. Your tax preparers would have easy tools to help you manage your most important tax tasks and due dates.

4. Most importantly, we would like to enable our visitors to participate in the discussion on tax code, tax laws and improve them. We never found any website, which would discuss tax laws and taking the poles. If you have, you can leave in the comment area the links to those websites. The key of the discussion is to make taxation work for us.


Thank You for stopping by!!!